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Nagano-ken, Shiojiri-shi, Sōga 1003



Iyahiko Sha

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January 18, 2018

Enshrined Kami:  


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Ameno-kaguyama-no-mikoto     天香山命


From Merged Shrines


In-ground Shrines:


Earliest mention of:  1428

Annual Festival:    


The origins of this shrine are unclear. Its information board tells us that there is a munafuda dating to 1428,  meaning that the shrine has been in existence at least since then. It is located close to the Hiraide Spring, designated an historical landmark by Shiojiri-shi in 1970, and in olden times it seems to have been dedicated to a water kami related to the Spring. In medieval times (Kamakura/Muromachi Periods), however, it became known by its present name following the ceremonial transfer of the deity Amrno-kaguyama from the Yahiko Jinja (弥彦神社) in Niigata-ken.


About 2 km from Shiojiri Station. The main "selling point" of this Iyahiko Jinja is its Honden (Main Hall). It was rebuilt in 1817 by  Washirōtomi-masa of the Tatekawa school of shrine builders, who also built the nearby Ōta Suwa Jinja. The shrine alone doesn't really warrant a separate visit, but it is close to the Hiraide Spring Park, the Hiraide Museum, the Hiraide archeological site, the  Higakuataritasuku Shrine and the combination of these makes for a relatively interesting, if quite low-key, couple of hours.

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