June 9, 2017 (addition of Section 30)

How many Kami in Japan? Literally eight million,

in reality an awesome incalculable number


One of the first Japanese expressions anyone with a more than passing interest in Shintō will come across is Yaoyorozu no kami. This translates literally as eight million kami, but is better interpreted as myriads of kami. The kami can be everywhere and in everything, in the forces of creation, in mountains and rivers and other natural phenomenon, they can be historic figures, forces for good and for evil, they can be seen as a bonding force holding the world together.

One of the most widely quoted and succinct definitions of kami was given by the famous 17th century Nativist (Kokugaku lit. National Learning) scholar Motoori Norinaga (1730-1801): "...any being whatsoever which possesses some eminent quality out of the ordinary, and is awe-inspiring, is called Kami.”

Kokugaku was a 17C-18C school of thought stressing the study of ancient Japanese tradition and classics, particularly in opposition to Confucianism and Buddhism, and its spirit is kept alive in the 132 year-old Kokugakuin University located in Tōkyō’s Shibuya-ku. Along with Motoori its most famous proponents were Hirata Atsutane (1776-1843), Kadano Azumamaro (1669-1736) and Kamo no Mabuchi (1697-1769). It is perhaps only fitting that Motoori himself has become a kami: he is enshrined at the eponymous Motoorinorinaga-no-miya in Matsuzaka city, Mie Prefecture. Using Motoori’s definition the number of kami is probably uncountable, so I will therefore confine myself to giving a numerical estimate of specifically named kami.The table to the left below shows the standard genealogy for the gods of the Kiki. If my addition is correct there are a total of 661 kami from the first one mentioned in the Kojiki, Ame-no-minaka-nushi, to the last one, the Emperor Nintoku. The latter is the 16th in the list of Japanese emperors said to have begun with Jimmu in 660 B.C. The present Emperor, Akihito, is the 125th in the line so if we count from the 17th in the line there are a further 108 to add to the number of Kiki kami, bringing the total to 769. I am not sure how many historical figures such as Motoori have been kamified (jinbutsukami): unfortunately the Shinto Dai Jiten has no entries under this category while Masuda lists just 18. On its Japanese Web site Wikipedia gives a list of 304, the Japanese dictionary website Weblio lists 157). Using the Wikipedia number brings the total for kami to 1,073. Where I shall stop for now.


The Generations of the Kami

The bulk of the following table of almost 300 kami, still a work in progress, is based on Kawaguchi Kenji's "Nihon no Kami-sama" (Japanese bibliography,# 5). The transliterations into English are my work.  The table and the comments follow the Kojiki narrative rather than that of the Nihon Shoki, but the latter will be referred to from time to time. The section numbers are derived from the original as given by Yamaguchi (Japanese bibliography,# 19). Some of the section titles are taken from Chamberlain. The sections are linked to the corresponding ones in Tales of the Kami, and vice versa. Links to individual kami descriptions can be found here.

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Taka-gi-no-kami  髙木神

alt. name for Takami-Musubi-kami

The Three Kami of Creation just came into existence when Heaven and Earth began and are described in the Kojiki—the Nihon Shoki doesn’t mention them—as single deities neither male nor female with no partners, the implication being that they are totally self-sufficient and beyond such mundane matters as procreation.  However, we find out later in both the Kojiki and the Nihon Shoki that only Ame-no-minaka-nushi was without descendants. The Nihon Shoki is very specific on Takami-musubi’s fecundity, accrediting him with 1,500 children.

The next four kami, 4 to 7, are also single deities with no partners, but beginning with the eighth kami, Uhijini, they come along with spouses, A in the table identifies the male, B the female.

The Age of the Gods

Section 1

The Beginnings of Heaven and Earth

The Three Kami of Creation

  造化三陣  1,2,3

Separate Heavenly Deities

別天神 1,2,3,4,5

Seven Heavenly Kami

   別天津神 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Seven generations of celestial Kami 神世七代  6,7,8,9,10,11,12


1        Ame-no-minaka-nushi


2        Takami-Musubi-kami


3        Kamu-Musubi-kami


4        Umashi-ashi-kamiabi-hikoji


5        Ama-no-tokotachi-kami


6        Kuni-no-tokotachi-kami


7        Toyo-kumono-kami


8A     Uhijini-kami


8B     Suhijini-kami


9A     Tsunugui-kami


9B     Ikugui-kami


10A   Ōtono-ji-kami


10B   Ōtono-be-kami


11A   Omodaru-kami


11B    Ayakashi-kone-kami


12A    Izanagi-kami


12B    Izanami-kami


Section 2

The Island of Onogoro



Courtship of Izanagi and Izanami    
13    Hiruko /Awashima

                蛭子神 ・ 淡島        
14    Ōyashima

               大八州 (島)  

Section 4Birth of Islands and Various Deities 
14A    Awaji-no-ho-no-sawake-no-shima                     淡道之穂之狭別島  
14B    Iyonofuto-na-shima    

14C    Okinomitsugo-no-shima    

14D    Tsukushi-no-shima

14E    Iki-no-shima

               伊伎島    大八島    
14F    Tsushima

14G    Sado-no-shima

14H    Ōyamatotoyoakitsu-shima


15A    Kibinoko-shima 

15B    Azuki-jima 

15C    Ōshima 

15D    Hime-jima

15E    Chika-no-shima

15F    Futago-no-shima



 16    Ōgoto-oshio-kami


The Six Household Protection Kami  

17A    Iwatsuchi-biko-kami

17B    Iwasu-bime-kami 

17C    Ōtohi-wake-kami

17D    Ame-no-fukio-kami 

17E    Ōyabiko-kami

17F    Kazaketsu-wake-no-oshio

18A    Ōwatatsumi-kami


 Two kami of harbour & estuary 

18B    Haya-akitsu-hiko-kami    

18C    Haya-akitsu-hime-kami 



Deities borne by Hayaakitsu-hiko (18B) & Hayaakitsu-hime (18C)    
19A    Awa-nagi-kami

19B    Awa-nami-kami

19C    Tsura-nagi-kami 

19D    Tsura-nami-kami    

19E    Ame-no-mikumari-kami

19F    Kuni-no-mikumari-kami    

19G    Ame-no-kuhigimochi-kami

19H    Kuni-no-kuhigimochi-kami  

20      Shinatobe-kami    

20      Shinatsu-hiko-kami    


        The Wind Kami 風の神
21      Kugunochi-kami    


         The Tree Kami  木の神
22      Ōyamazumi-kami    


          The Mountain Kami 山の神
23      Kayanu-hime-kami  


        The Herb Kami   野の神

Deities borne by Ōyamazumi (22) & Kayanu-hime (23) 
24A    Ame-no-sazuchi-kami  

24B    Kuni-no-sazuchi-kami

24C    Ame-no-sagiri-kami 

24D    Kuni-no-sagiri-kami 

24E    Ame-no-kamiurato-kami


24F    Kuni-no-kamiurato-kami  

24G    Ōtomato-hime-kami  

24H    Ōtomato-hiko-kami  

25     Tori-no-iwakusufune-kami 

26      Ōgetsu-hime-kami 


    spouse: Wakayama-kui-kami (105A)

27      Hi-no-yagihayao-kami 


           The Fire Kami  火の神
28      Kanayama-hiko-kami 

29      Kanayama-hime-kami 

30      Haniyasu-hiko-kami

31      Haniyasu-hime-kami


         The Clay Kami 土器・陶器の女神
32      Mizuhame-kami


          The Water Kami  水の神
33      Wakumusubi-kami 

34      Toyouke-hime-kami



Ameno-torifune-kami 天の鳥船神

alt. name for Tori-no-iwakusufune-kami (25)

Kagutsuchi (Nihon Shoki)


28 and 29 from Izanami's vomit

30 and 31 from Izanami's faeces

32 and 33 from Izanami's urine

The Three Kami of the Sea


Watatsumi 海神 Nihonshoki name for 18A

Alt. names for Ōyamazumi include:    大山積神、大山祇神        

alt. names for 32 水波之咩命

Section 5 - Izanagi Bemoans His Wife's Death. Decapitates His Son (Kami 35-43)

35      Nakisawa-me-no-kami    


               Appeared from Izanagi's tears 

 The three kami produced when the blood which dripped from the point of Izanagi's sword spurted out and became deities…    

36      Iwa-saku-kami

37      Ne-saku-kami 

38      Iwatsutsu-no-o-kami


The three kami produced when the blood which dripped from the hilt-ring of the sword spurted out  

39      Miki-hayabi-kami

40      Hi-hayabi-kami 

41      Takemikazuchi-no-o-kami                                 建御雷之男神

The two kami produced when the blood collected at the hilt of the sword dripped through his fingers  

42      Kura-okami-kami 

43      Kura-mitsuha-kami 



Eight kami came into existence from various parts of Hinoyagihayao's body:                
44A    Masaka-yamatsumi-kami

                正鹿山津見神    from the head    
44B    Odo-yamatsumi-kami

                淤縢山津見神    chest    
44C    Oku-yamatsumi-kami

                奥山津見神    belly    
44D    Kura-yamatsumi-kami

               闇山津見神    genitals    
44E    Shigi-yamatsumi-kami 

               志芸山津見神    left hand    
44F    Ha-yamatsumi-kami

               羽山津見神    right hand    
44G   Hara-yamatsumi-kami

               原山津見神    left foot    
44H   To-yamatsumi-kami 

               戸山津見神    right foot  


Section 6 - The Land of Hades
45      Yakusa-no-Ikazuchi

Eight Thunder Kami born from the maggots swarming in these parts of Izanami's corpse            

               大雷神    Head    

               火雷神    Breast  

               黒雷神    Belly    

             柝雷神    Genitals    

               若雷神    Left Hand    

               土雷神    Right Hand    

               鳴雷神    Left Foot    

               伏雷神    RightFoot    
46      Yomitsushi-kome


                 The Goddess of Yomi    
47      Ōkamuzumi-no-mikoto


          The 3 Yomi Horde-repelling peaches

48A Yomitsu-Ōkami

48B    Kukuri-hime Kami

49      Sayari-yomido-Ōkami 


             Boulder used to block exit to Yomi


Section 7 The Purification of Izanagi (Kami 50-57)

Twelve kami, 50A-50L, came into          existence when Izanagi cast off his


50A    Tsukitatsufunada-kami

               衝立船戸神                           stick    
50B    Michi-no-nagachiha-kami

               道之長乳歯神                       sash    
50C    Tokiokashi-kami

               時置師神                                bag    
50D    Wazurahi-no-ushi-kami

              和豆良比能宇斯能神            cloak    
50E   Michimata-kami    

            道俣神                            trousers    
50F    Akigui-no-ushi-kami    

           飽咋之宇斯能神           headgear    
50G    Oki-zakaru-kami    

       奥疎神   armbands of his left arm    
50H    Okitsu-nagisa-hiko-kami    

50I    Okitsu-kaibera-kami

50J     He-zakaru-kami    

       邊疎神 armbands of his right arm    
50K    Hetsu-nagisa-hiko-kami  

50L    Hetsu-kaibera-kami  


The next eleven kami, 51A-54C, came into existence when he bathed in the river 

51A & B,  52A, B & C, emerged when he bathed in midstream:


51A & B were a result of the pollution he took on from his visit to Yomi
51A    Yasomaga-tsuhi-kami 

51B    Ōmaga-tsuhi-kami 



52A, B & C came into existence to rectify the evils of the Yomi pollution     
52A    Kami-naobi-kami

52B    Ō-naobi-kami

52C    Izunome-kami


 The next three kami emerged when he                                        bathed at the river's
53A    Soko-tsumi-watatsumi 

               底津綿津見                      bottom    
53B    Naka-tsumi-watatsumi

              中津綿津見                    mid level    
53C    Uwa-tsumi-watatsumi 

              上津綿津見                      surface


54A, B, & C, are The Three Great Gods of Suminoye (住吉三神). 54A emerged along with 53A, 54B along with 53B, and 54A along with 53A.      
54A    Soko-tsutsu-no-o

               底筒之男    住吉三神
54B    Naka-tsutsu-no-o 

54C    Uwa-tsutsu-no-o



Section 8

Investiture of the Three Deities the Illustrious August Children

The three kami, 55, 56, 57, came into

existence when Izanagi washed his: 

55      Amaterasu-Ōkami    

           天照大御神                    left eye  
56      Tsukiyomi-no-mikoto

              月読命                           right eye
57      Takehayasusa-no-o

            建速須佐之男命           nose

The eight deities of the sword

Alt. names for Amaterasu include: Ōhirumenomuchi-no-kami 大日霊貴命, Amaterashima-susume-Ōmikami  天照坐皇大御神          

Better known by his Nihon Shoki name, Susano-o-no-Mikoto 素戔男尊

Alt. names include: 素盞嗚尊, Gozu-tennō   牛頭天王


Ancestress of the Kagami-tsukuri (lit. mirror-making) clan, of which nothing seems to be known.

Ancestor of the Tama-no-ya clan

Ancestor of the Nakatomi clan

Ancestor of the Imbe clan

Ancestor of the Sarume clan

Ōnamuchi-kami      大己貴神

alt. name for Ōkuni-nushi

Alt. names for Kotoshiro-nushi include: Asuka Ōkami 飛鳥大神?


Section 9

The August Oath

Section 10

Susanoo's Declaration of the Division of the August Male Children and the August Female Children

The Three Goddesses of Munakata (宗像の三神), 58A, 58B, 58C, came into existence when Amaterasu chewed up and spat out  Susano's ten hand-long sword 

58A    Okitsu-shima-hime-mikoto    


58B    Ichiki-shima-hime-mikoto    

58C    Tagitsu-hime-mikoto  


The five kami 59A, 59B, 59C, 59D, 59E, came into existence when Susanoo chewed up and spat out  the strings of beads which Amaterasu had wrapped                                                                    around    


59A Masaka-a-kamiatsukatsu-hayabi-              ameno-oshino-mimi    


           the hair on the left side of her head  
59B    Ameno-hohi-mikoto    


        the hair on the right side of her head  
59C    Amatsu-hikone-mikoto    

           天津日子根尊                                                                                         her headband
59D    Ikutsu-hikone-mikoto    

           活津日子根尊                                                                                            her left arm
59E    Kumano-kusu-bime-mikoto  

              熊野久須毘命                                                                                           her right arm

60     Takehiratori-mikoto    


                 son of Ameno-hohi (59B) 

Section 11

The August Ravages of Susanoo

   The Door of the Heavenly Rock                  Dwelling & Ameno-uzume-                          mikoto's Ribald Dance

61      Omoikane-kami  


            son of Takami-Musubi-kami (2)
62      Kanechi-Amatsumara

63      Ishikoridome-no-kami

64      Tamaoya-no-mikoto

65      Ameno-koyane-no-mikoto

66      Futadama-mikoto

67      Ameno-tajikara-mikoto

68      Ameno-uzume-mikoto


Section 12- The Punishment and Second Expulsion of Susano-o

Section 13

The Eight-Forked Serpent "Yamata-no-Orochi"

69A    Ashinazuchi-mikoto


                son of Ōyamazumi-kami (22)  
69B    Tenazuchi-mikoto


70    Kushinada-hime    


               daughter of Ashinazuchi &

               Tenazuchi  (69A/69B),

               spouse:  Susanoo (57) 


71A  Iso-takeru-kami    


               son of Susanoo (57)    


               alternative name for Iso-takeru    
71B Ōya-tsu-hime


               daughter of Susanoo (57)    
71C  Tsumatsu-hime


               daughter of Susanoo (57)    


Section 14

The Palace of Suga

72A  Yashima-jinumi-no-kami    


               son of Susanoo (57)

               and Kushinada-hime (70)
72B Konohana-chiru-hime    


               daughter of Ōyamazumi (22)    
73    Kamiōichi-hime-mikoto    


               daughter of Ōyamazumi (22)    
74    Ōtoshi-kami  


               son of Susanoo (57)

               and Kamiōichi-hime (73)
75    Uka-no-mitama-kami 


               daughter of Susanoo (57)

               and Kamiōichi-hime (73) 
76A  Fuhanomojikunusunu-kami


               son of Yashima-jinumi (72A)

               and Konohana-chiru (72B) 
76B Hikawa-hime-mitoko


               daughter of Kura-okami (42)      
77A Fukabuchi-no-mizuyarehana


               son of Fuhanomojikunusunu

               (76A) and Hikawa-hime (76B)    
77B  Ame-no-tsudohechinu-kami


               daughter of Fukabuchi-no-

               mizuyarehana (77A)    
78A Omizunu-kami 


              son of Fukabuchi-no-

              mizuyarehana (77A) &

               Ame-no-tsudohechinu (77B)    
78B Funuzunu-kami

78C Futemimi-kami 


               spouse:  Omizunu (78A),

               daughter of Funuzuni (78B)   
79A Ame-no-fuyuginu-kami


               son of Omizunu (78A)

               and Futemimi (78C)  
79B  Sashikuni-Ōkami 

79C Sashikuni-waka-hime-mikoto


               daughter of Sashikuni (79B) 

80        Ōkuni-nushi-kami


                  son of Ame-no-fuyuginu (79A) 

                  & Sashikuni-waka-hime (79C)


Section 15

The White Hare of Inaba

81         Yaso-gami


              The 80 brothers of


82         Hakuto-shin


                  "The White Rabbit of Inaba"


Section 16

Visit to the Underworld (Nenokatasa-kuni)

83         Yagami-hime-mikoto


                   spouse:  Ōkuni-nushi (80)

84A      Kisagai-hime


                 "Princess Cockle Shell"

84B      Umugi-hime


                   "Princess Clam"

85         Suseri-hime-mikoto


                   spouse:  Ōkuni-nushi (80)

                   daughter of Susanoo (57) 

86         Ki-no-mata-kami


                   son of Ōkuni-nushi (80)  

                   & Yagami-hime (83)

Section 17

The Wooing of Ōkuni-nushi

87         Numakawa-hime-mikoto


                   spouse:  Ōkuni-nushi (80)

Section 18

The August Descendants of Ōkuni-nushi

88A      Ajishikitaka-hikone-kami


                   son of Ōkuni-nushi (80)

                   & Tagitsu-hime (58C)

88B      Shitateru-hime-mikoto


                   daughter of Ōkuni-nushi (80)                           & Tagitsu-hime (58C)

89         Kamuyatate-hime-mikoto


                    spouse:  Ōkuni-nushi (80)

90        Kotoshiro-nushi-mikoto


                   son of Ōkuni-nushi (80)  &                              Kamuyatate-hime (89)

91A       Yashima-muji-kami


91B      Tori-mimi-kami


                   spouse: Ōkuni-nushi (80)

                   daughter of Yashima-muji (91A)

91C      Tori-narumi-kami


                   son of Ōkuni-nushi (80)

                   & Tori-mimi (91B)

92A      Hina-teri-nukata-



                   spouse: Tori-narumi (91C)

92B      Kunioshitomi-kami


                   son of Tori-narumi (91C) &                             Hinateri-nukata-bijioikochini                           (92A)

93A      Ashinadaka-kami


                   spouse: Kunioshitomi (92B)

93B      Hayamika-no-takesaba-



                   Son of Kunioshitomi (92B) &                          Ashinadaka (93A)                          

94A      Ameno-mika-nushi-kami


94B      Sakitama-hime-kami


                   daughter of Ameno-mika-nushi                    (94A) spouse: Hayamika-no-                            takesaba-yajinumi (93B)

94C      Mika-nushi-hiko-kami


                    son of Hayamika-no-takesaba-                       yajinumi (93B) & Ameno-mika-                       nushi (94A)

95A      Hinarashi-bime-kami


                   daughter of Kura-okami (42)                          spouse: Mika-nushi-hiko (94C)  

95B      Tahirikishimarumi-kami


                   son of Mika-nushi-hiko (94C) &                      Hinarashi-bime (95A)        

96A      Hihiragino-sonohana-



96B      Ikutama-sakitama-hime-kami


                    daughter of Hihiragino-                                  sonohana-mazumi ((96A)

                   spouse: Tahirikishimarumi (95B)

96C       Mironami-kami


                   son of Tahirikishimarumi (95B)                      & Ikutama-sakitama-hime (96B)

97A      Shikiyama-nushi-kami


97B      Aonuma-nuoshi-hime


                   daughter of Shikiyama-nushi                        ((97A)/spouse: Mironami (96C)

97C      Nuoshi-tomitori-narumi-kami


                  son of Mironami (96C)                                      & Aonuma-nuoshi (97B)

                    spouse: Wakahiru-me (98A)

98A      Wakahiru-me-kami


                   spouse: Nuoshi-tomitori-

                   narumi (97C)

98B      Ame-hibara-aoshinadomi-kami


                   son of Nuoshi-tomitori-narumi                     ((97C) & Wakahiru-me (98A)                            spouse: Tōtsu-machi-ne (99A)

99A      Tōtsu-machi-ne-kami


                   daughter of Ame-no-sagiri (24C)                   spouse: Ame-hibara-                                         aoshinadomi (98B)

99B      Tōtsu-yamazaki-tarahi-kami


                   son of Ame-hibara-aoshinadomi                    (98B) & Tōtsu-machi-ne (99A)

Section 19

Ōkuni-nushi Creates the Land

100A    Tani-guku


                   "the toad"

100B    Kue-biko-kami


                   "Scarecrow of the

                   mountain paddies"

101      Sukunabi-kona-no-kami


                   son of Kami-Musubi (3)



Section 20

The August Children of Ōtoshi-kami  

102A    Kamu-ikisubi-kami    


102B    Ino-hime-kami    


                   daughter Kamu-ikisubi (102A)    
102C    Ōkuni-mitama-kami    


                   son of Otoshi-kami (74)

                   & Ino-hime-kami (102B)    
102D    Kara-kami  


                   son of Otoshi-kami (74)

                  & Ino-hime-kami (102B)    
102E    Sohori-kami    


                   son of Otoshi-kami (74)

                   & Ino-hime-kami (102B)    
102F     Mukahi-kami    


                 son of Otoshi-kami (74)

                  & Ino-hime-kami 102B)
102G    Hijiri-kami    


                   son of Otoshi-kami (74)

                   & Ino-hime-kami (102B)    
103A    Kagayo-hime-kami    


                   spouse: Otoshi-kami (74)    
103B    Ōkaga-yamato-omi-kami    


                   daughter of Otoshi-kami (74)

                   & Kagayo-hime-kami (103A)  
103C    Mitoshi-gami    


                   son of Otoshi-kami (74)                                    & Kagayo-hime-kami (103A)    
104A    Ameshiru-karumizu-hime-kami 


                   spouse: Otoshi-kami (74)    
104B    Okitsu-hiko-kami    


                   son of Otoshi-kami (74) &                               Ameshiru-karumizu-hime 104A  
104C    Okitsu-hime-mikoto    


                   "the hearth deity worshipped by                    all the people,"                            

                   daughter of Otoshi-kami (74) &                      Ameshiru-karumizu-hime (104A)
104C    Ōbe-himi-kami    


              alt. name for Okitsu-hime 104C
104D    Ōyamakui-kami    


                   son of Otoshi-kami (74) &                              Ameshiru-karumizu-hime  104A   
104D    Yamasue-no-Ōnushi-kami    


                   alt. name for Ōyamakui-kami     
104E     Niwatsu-hi-kami    


                   son of Otoshi-kami (74) &                              Ameshiru-karumizu-hime (104A)  
104F     Asuha-kami    


                  son of Otoshi-kami (74) &                               Ameshiru-karumizu-hime 104A   
104G    Hahiki-kami


                   son of Otoshi-kami (74) &

                  Ameshiru-karumizu-hime 104A  
104H    Kayamato-omi-kami


                  son of Otoshi-kami (74) &                               Kagayo-hime-kami (103A)    
104I      Hayamato-kami


                  son of Otoshi-kami (74) &                              Ameshiru-karumizu-hime 104A   
104J     Niwata-katsu-hi-kami


                   son of Otoshi-kami (74) &                                Ameshiru-karumizu-hime 104A
104K    Tsuchi-no-mi-oya-kami


                   alt. name for Ōtsuchi-kami    
104K    Ōtsuchi-kami


                   son of Otoshi-kami (74) &                               Ameshiru-karumizu-hime 104A   
105A    Wakayama-kui-kami


                  son of Hayamato-kami (104I) &                     Ōgetsu-hime-kami (26)    
105B    Wakatoshi-kami


                   son of Hayamato-kami (104I) &                      Ōgetsu-hime-kami (26)    
105C     Wakasa-na-mekami


                   son of Hayamato-kami (104I)  &                    Ōgetsu-hime-kami (26)    
105D    Mizumaki-kami    


                   son of Hayamato-kami (104I) &                      Ōgetsu-hime-kami (26)    
105E     Natsu-takatsu-hi-kami


                   son of Hayamato-kami (104I)                          & Ōgetsu-hime-kami (26)    
105E     Natsu-no-mekami


          alt. name for Natsu-takatsu-hi-kami 
105F     Akibe-mekami    


                  son of Hayamato-kami (104I) &                     Ōgetsu-hime-kami (26)    
105G    Kuku-toshi-kami


                   son of Hayamato-kami (104I) &                     Ōgetsu-hime-kami (26)    
105H    Kuku-kiwaka-



                   son of Hayamato-kami (104I)  &

                   Ōgetsu-hime-kami (26)


Section 21

The August Deliberation for Pacifying the Land

106A    Kami-musubi-mikoto  


                  descendant of Kami-musubi (3)
106B    Kamo-taketsu-nemi-mikoto


              descendant of Kami-musubi (3) 
106C    Taketama-yorihiko-mikoto

106C    Kamo- no-agata-nushi

106D    Taketama-yorihi-me-mikoto     


                  daughter of Kami-musubi (3)   
106E     Kamo-wake-ikazuchi-mikoto

107       Yorozu-hata-toyo-akitsu-                               shihime-no-mikoto 


                   daughter of Takami-Musubi-                         kami (2)
107       Takuhatachiji-hime

             栲幡千千姫      alt. name for 107 




Section 22

The Despatch of Ame-waka-hiko

108A    Amatsu-kuni-tama-kami

108B    Ame-waka-hiko


              son of Amatsu-kuni-tama 108A

Section 23

The Despatch of Takemikazuchi-no-o-kami

109A     Itsuno-abashiri-kami  

109A     Itsuno-abashiri-kami


              alt. name for 109A        
109B    Ameno-kaku-kami


110       Futsu-nushi-kami      

111       Take-minakata-kami          


                  son of Ōkuni-nushi (80) &                               Numakawa-hime (87)

Section 24

Ōkuni-nushi Cedes the Land to the Heavenly Gods 
111       Yasaka-tome-kami                 


                 spouse: Take-minakata-kami 111
112       Kushi-yatama-kami 


              grandson of Haya-akitsu-hiko-                        kami (18B)


Section 25

The August Descent from Heaven of His Augustness the August Grandchild 

113A    Ameno-hoakari-mikoto  


                  son of Masaka-a-kamiatsukatsu-                   hayabi-ameno-no-mimi (59) &

113B     Ameno-kayama-mikoto 


                   Son of Ameno-hoakari (113A)/
                   Descendant of Ameterasu (50)
114       Ame-nigishi-kuni-nigishi-matsu-                 hikohiko-hono-ninigi-no-mikoto

​                天邇岐志國邇岐志天津日高日子番                能邇邇藝命      

114       Ninigi-mikoto   

115       Saruta-hiko-mikoto  

115       Saruta-hiko-kami            

116       Kushi-iwamado-kami            

116       Ame-no-iwatowake-kami            

116      Toyo-iwamado-kami            

117A    Taokiho-oi-kami            

117B    Hiko-sashiri-kami            

117C    Ame-no-mahitotsu-kami            


117D   Ame-no-hiwashi-kami


117E    Kushi-akadama-kami


                 son of Izanagi (12A)

118A   Ame-no-oshihi-mikoto 


                   descendant of Takami-Musubi-                      kami (2)

118B    Amatsu-kume-mikoto


Section 27 - The Marriage of Ninigi

119A    Iwanaga-hime-no-mikoto


        daughter of Ōyamazumi-kami (22)

119B    Konohanasakuya-no-mikoto    


        daughter of Ōyamazumi-kami (22)

120A    Hoderi-no-mikoto


            Hosusori (alt. for 120A)


            Umi-sachi-hiko (alt. for 120A)


120B   Hosuseri-no-mikoto


120C   Hiko-hohodemi-mikoto


            Yama-sachi-hiko (alt. for 120C)


           Amatsu-hiko-takahiko-hohodemi-                  no-mikoto  (alt. for 120C)


         Hoori-no-mikoto (alt. for 120C)




 Deity of the Gate

Ancestor of the Ōtomo clan

Ancestor of the Kume clan

Wife of Ninigi (114)

Ancestor of the Hayabito, Dukes of Ata

son of 119B,  Grandfather of Emperor Jinmu

Elder sister of 119B

son of 119B

son of 119B

Section 28 - The August Exchange of Luck

121A   Shio-tsuchi-kami


            Shio-ysuchi-no-oji (alt. for 121A)


121B    Sahi-mochi-no-kami            


122      Toyotama-hime-no-mikoto



123      Tamayori-hime-no-mikoto



Section 29 - The Parturition-House of Cormorant's Feathers

124      Ugaya-fukiaezu-no-mikoto






Section 30 - The Four Children of Ugayafukiaezu

125A    Itsuse-no-mikoto


125B    Inahi-no-mikoto


125C    Mikenu-no-mikoto


125D   Kamuyamato-iware-hiko-no-mikoto


               Family name for

                  Jinmu Tennō


The first of Japan's traditional emperors and his ascent brings the Age of the Gods, Book 1 of the Kojiki, to an end.

The continuation of this genealogy /table can be found on the The Emperors Page

Younger sister of Toyotama-hime (122)

Daughter of Ōwatatsumi-kami 18A)

/wife of Hiko-hohodemi (120C)    

Under the neme Suwa Myōjin (諏訪明神) the main deity of  Suwa Taisha



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