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Chūo Main Line

Nagano-ken, Shiojiri-shi, Sōga 1640



     Higakuataritasuku Jinja

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January 7, 2018


25-30 minutes on foot from the west exit of Shiojiri Station. Another shrine about which there is little information available. It is merely listed on the Nagano Jinjacho home page, no information is given. The only web page with any substantive information I have been able to find is (Japanese). Its main interest is, not surprisingly, the pair of komainu in the shrine. These were erected in 1940 to commemorate the 2600th anniversary of the coronation of Japan's first, probably mythical, emperor, Jimmu, in 660 B.C. A distinctive feature of the shrine is the large number of stone monuments dedicated to various kami scattered around its grounds.

Enshrined Kami:  


(Note: numbers in parentheses after kami names

refer to position in How Many Kami table)


From Merged Shrines


In-ground Shrines:

Himemiya Ōkami                      姫宮大神

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