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Divine Favours - 3

I have now identified 65 divine favours. A large number of them are asking for family-related happiness: family well-being, family prosperity, successful parenting. Closely related are wishes for conjugal union, happy marriage, safe childbirth, perpetuation of descendants. Other prayers are for health: good health and long life, healthy teeth, recovery from illness, a healthy body.

Others reflect Japan's agricultural heritage: Good harvests, protection for sericulture. More modern ones are for flourishing businesses, successful start-ups, flourishing information and distribution industries.

Other miscellaneous ones include luck in competitions and gambling, protection against all kinds of disasters, prolonging life, good luck with money, protection against evil spirits.

One divine favour in particular is often seen written on the back of ema hanging on ema racks: it is for success in entrance exams for schools and universities.

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