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 How many shrines in Setagaya-ku?

At least 145 



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how many

According to The Association of Shintō Shrines there are 88 shrines in Setagaya-ku .(Japanese)   I have come up with a number of 145: the difference stems from the large number of in-ground shrines which are not registered with the Association. In the following table the names of the main (host) shrines are in bold characters, the names of the secondary shrines not. In all cases the addresses of the latter are identical to those of the former.  

Of the total 61 main shrines, 14 (23%) are Inari, as are 18 (24%)  of the 74 in-ground shrines. Thus, of the total 134 shrines in Setagaya 32 (24%) are Inari. This is broadly in line with the 23% nationwide figure implied in Kamata’s table. The second largest shrine grouping, with 24,000 shrines, is Hachiman and it accounts for 9 (15%) of Setagaya’s 60 main shrines, but for none of the secondary shrines. Presumably the God of War plays second fiddle, or should I say shamisen, to no one.   

In the interest of readability I have omitted "Tokyo-to, ​​Chūō -ku" from the address.

Where two or more shrines share the same address the one at the top is the main shrine, the one(s) below in-ground/subordinate shrines.

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