Saitama-ken, Asaka-shi, Miyado 4-3-1   宮戸神社埼玉県朝霞市宮戸4-3-1



 Miyado Jinja

30 July, 2021

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Nearest station: Asakadai    Line:  TobuTojo (TJ13)

Enshrined Kami:  


Omodaru-no-mikoto             面足尊

Izanagi-no-mikoto                  伊邪那岐命

Izanami-no-mikoto              伊邪那美命

Ukanomitama-Mikoto   稲倉魂命

Koratama tarehime-Mikoto  高良玉垂姫命


From Merged Shrines


In-ground Shrines:

Gokoku Jinja   護国神社
Hakusan-Sha    白山社
Hioji-Sha            日王子社
Shinmei-Sha      神明者
Mizu Jinja           水神社
Tenman-Gu       天満宮
Mitake Jinja         御嶽神社
Inari-Sha            稲荷社
Sekison-Sha       石尊社


​Annual Festival:   April 7


This is the twenty-fifth of my ex post facto shrine reports. I visited it in November 2016. 

When this shrine was founded is unclear, but it is said to have come into existence as a Kumano Jinja sometime during the Kamakura/Muromachi Periods when the Kumano faith was flourishing. Known as Miyado-Kumano Jinja it was seen as the tutelary shrine for Miyado Village.

In 1907, in line with the government's Shrine Merger Order (神社合祀令), Miyado-Kumano Jinja was merged with two other local shrines, Tajimajinmei Jinja and  Hamasaki Hikawa Jinja. The new shrine  became recognised as a place where the Kumano Sansha could be worshipped from afar (“hakaruenjo”, 遥拝所).

In 1942 a shrine called Amatsu Jinja天津神社 in Muneoka Village was relocated to the Miyado-Kumano grounds, and the following year an Inari Jinja in Muneoka was merged with Amatsu Jinja. Following this, the Miyado-Kumano Jinja was renamed as Miyado Jinja and given village shrine ranking.  

In 1956 the Kumano Sansha-related deities were returned to Kumano: along with this what had been the in-ground Komagata Jinja became the new main hall, (“honden”本殿), and the other in-ground shrines were grouped together.

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Miyado Jinja  宮戸神社
Miyado Jinja  宮戸神社
Miyado Jinja  宮戸神社
Miyado Jinja  宮戸神社
Miyado Jinja  宮戸神社
Miyado Jinja  宮戸神社
Miyado Jinja  宮戸神社
Miyado Jinja  宮戸神社
Miyado Jinja  宮戸神社

                             Mizu Jinja


                       Gokoku Jinja



Miyado Jinja  宮戸神社

                       Mitake Jinja 



Miyado Jinja  宮戸神社
Miyado Jinja  宮戸神社
Miyado Jinja  宮戸神社