The Taira Clan  平氏

March 30, 2018

This page is not intended to be a complete history of the Taira Clan, but merely a listing of those clan members who are mentioned on individual shrine pages.

The Taira was one of the four clans that dominated Japan during the Heian Period (794-1185), the others were the Minamoto,  the Fujiwara, and the Tachibana. Also known as Heike, the clan was founded in 825 when the name Taira was given to Taira  Takamune (平朝臣高棟), grandson of the 50th Emperor, Kammu.


Taira no Tokuko 平 徳子 (1155-1213): Also known as Takakura Taira Chūgū  (高倉平中宮). Niinoama (二位の尼) and Kenreimon-in (建礼門院)

Associated with following shrines: Suitengū

Taira Masakado 平将門 (? - 940)
Best known for his rebellion against the central government in Kyōto in 939, the Johei Tengyo no Ran. After conquering the provinces of Hitachi, Shimotsuke, and Kozuke he proclaimed himself the New Emperor. Among people he killed was his uncle, Kunika. This caused the central government to declare him an outlaw, and 59 days later he was killed in a battle with forces led by his cousin, Sadamori, Kunika’s son, and Fujiwara Hidesato.

Associated with following shrines: Yoroi Jinja, Kanda Jinja


Taira Sadamori 平貞盛 (? - 989)


Taira Tadatsune 平忠常 (975-1031)

Grandson of Masakado

Associated with following shrine(s): Nakano Hikawa Jinja




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