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 Sugimori Jinja  

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November 24, 2019


This is another of the six small shrines which I visited on a 1.25km (as the crow flies) round trip from Ningyōchō Station. The others are Suehiro Jinja, Kasama Inari Jinja, Tomizawa Inari Jinja,  Sanko Inari Jinja. and Koami Jinja.  It is thought to have been established in 931 during the Jōhei era. In 940 Fujiwara Hidesato prayed at the shrine for success in tracking down and capturing Taira Masakado and in thanks for his success presented it with a silver figurine of a fox. 

Almost half a millennium later, 1466, Ōta Dōkan, successfully prayed for rain after a long drought; when rain followed quite quickly he regarded it as a miracle and had the  Five Gods of the Fushima Inari Jinja jointly  enshrined through the kanjō process. In 1661 Ebisu was also jointly enshrined.
In the Edo Period it was designated as one of the Edo San Mori (江戸三森, lit. Edo Three Shrine Groves) along with Karasumori Jinja and Yanagimori Jinja. This is said to have raised the shrine’s popularity among samurai and commoners alike and led to

Enshrined Kami:  


Gosha Inari Ōkami                  伍社稲荷大神:

   Uganomita,Ōkamia 倉稲の魂大神

   Susano-o Ōkami           素サの鳴大神

   Ōichihime Ōkami         大市姫大神

   Ōnamuchi Ōkami        大巳貴大神

   Shino Ōkami              四大神 



From Merged Shrines

Ebisu                                   恵比寿大神

In-ground Shrines:



​Annual Festival:   May 15, 16

椙森神社 Sugimori Jinja
椙森神社 Sugimori Jinja

minor Sumo tournaments being held at the shrine. Lotteries were also held; this stone (the engraving is "富興")  memorializes them. 

As with Suehiro Jinja It is one of the Nihonbashi Shichi Fukujin (Nihonbashi Seven Lucky Gods), the kami it houses is Ebisu.

Note that Fujiwara Hidesato is also said to have prayed at Karasumori Jinja for success in his Taira Masakado mission.​

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Sugimori Jinja  椙森神社
椙森神社 Sugimori Jinja
椙森神社 Sugimori Jinja
Sugimori Jinja  椙森神社
Sugimori Jinja  椙森神社
椙森神社 Sugimori Jinja
Sugimori Jinja  椙森神社
椙森神社 Sugimori Jinja
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