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Nagano-ken, Shiojiri-shi, Shiojirimachi 


弁財天 (小坂田)

   Benzaiten (Osakada)

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July 19, 2018

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I found this small Benzaiten by chance while walking round Lake Osakada. I was walking from north to south and on arrival at the lake had to decide whether to take the east or west side road: for no particular reason I chose the former and within a few minutes came across the shrine. I have been unable to find any information about it except that on a small notice board in the shrine. This mostly concerns itself with Benzaiten herself, but does tell us that the shrine was built in 1932 on a floating bridge on the surface of the lake and was painted a bright vermilion. In 1949, however, the levees around the lake were strengthened, raising the water level and the shrine was moved to its present location, about 1.5k from Midoriko Station.

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