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Kumano Jinja

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March 4, 2017


Origins are unclear but it is said that in the Kamakura Period local inhabitants of Fusuma Village in Ebara-gun  (now part of the Midori-ga-oka area in Jiyugaoka) built a shrine called Kumano Taisha. In a collection of maps drawn in 1782 a shrine identified as the Kumano Dai-Kongen is shown, and there is a record from 1814 saying that the shrine’s main hall and prayer hall were both renovated in 1796. In the Shin-pen-Musashi-Fudo-Kiko, published between 1809 and 1830, the grounds of the shrine are said to be about 150 tsubo, (14,876 sq.m.) in area. In 1909 the main hall was again renovated, a renovation made possible by donations from 64 parishioners, whose names are still visible on a plaque in the shrine grounds.


Enshrined Deities:  


速玉之男尊           Hayatama-no-o-kami

泉津事解之男尊     Yomotsukotosaka-


伊弉冊命              Izanami-no-mikoto

In-ground Shrines:           

伏見稲荷神社           Fushimi-Inari Jinja 

Earliest mention of:   ??    

Annual Festival:   First Saturday & Sunday

                               of September

Kumano Jinja, Tokyo, Jiyugaoka