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"Deity Prince of Saruta"



Main Shrines

Tsubaki Jinja  椿大神社

Mie-ken, Suzuka-shi, Yamamoto-chō 1871


Sada  Jinja   佐太神社

Shimane-ken, Matsue-shi, Kashima-chō, Sadamiyauchi 73


Otokoishi Jinja  男石神社 

Nagano-ken, Ueda-shi, Tonoshiro 1263 


Kanda Jinja   神田神社

Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Sotokanda 2-16-2


Sarutahiko is the Kami who when Ninigi was about to descend to earth appeared at the eight forking road of heaven and effectively blocked Ninigi’s descent. On learning about this, Amaterasu despatched Ameno-uzume-mikoto to find out what was going on. The latter quickly elicited that it was an earthly deity named Saruta-hiko-no-kami who was preventing  Ninigi’s descent. Ameno-uzume apparently thought that Saruta-hiko was hostile for, as she had done during the Rock Cave of Heaven episode, she “forthwith bared her breasts and, pushing down the band of her garment below her navel, confronted him (i.e. Saruta-hiko) with a mocking laugh.". Saruta-hiko's response was disarming, "I have heard that the child of Amaterasu no Oho-kami is now about to descend, and therefore I have come respectfully to meet and attend upon him

Sarutahiko-kami  猿田毘古神
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