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Nagano-ken, Shiojiri-shi, Seba 3411



    Kumano Sha

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January 5, 2018

Enshrined Kami:  


(Note: numbers in parentheses after kami names

refer to position in How Many Kami table)

Hayatama-no-o-no-Mikoto         速玉男命

Kotosakao-no-mikoto                    事解男命

Izanami-no-mikoto (13B)         伊邪那美命

Annual Festival:  September 13 & 14


There is little information available on this small shrine in the Nagano countryside. What follows is from the Nagano Jinjacho page on the shrine.  It is said that it is a bunshi of the world heritage site Kumano Hayatama Taisha (熊野速玉大社)​, but there is no documentary proof of this. The head priest (Gūji  宮司) is Matsusawa Shigeki (松沢茂樹,) who serves the same function at Tsukui-izumi Jinja and several other jinja in the area.

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