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Sugiyama Jinja

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This Sugiyama shrine has had something of a peripatetic existence in modern times. Until 1912 it was located at a place called Sugi-no-Mori (Cedar Forest) near to a still existing temple, Osugiyama-Ryufuku-ji: the temple is usually referred to just as Ryufuku-ji and the “sugiyama” in the first part of its name has the same meaning as in Sugiyama Jinja. In that year it moved to another nearby site. In 1973 it moved on a temporary basis to a site which had formerly been home to an Azuma Jinja. This move was occasioned by a major redevelopment plan carried out by Yokohama-shi. In 1992 it began moving to its present site, a process which was not completely finished until late 1995. This move was in part financed by the sale of some 250m2 of land which the shrine owned. Through the inscription on its shagōhyō I think it is the only one of the four candidate shrines formally laying claim to being the Engi-shiki Sugiyama Jinja

Enshrined Deities:  


日本武尊            Yamato Takeru    

五十猛命            Iso Takeru

From Merged Shrines

伊弉諾命            Izanagi

伊弉册命            Izanami

橘姫                   Tachibana-hime

応神天皇            Ōjin

In-ground Shrines: 

稲荷神社            Inari Jinja                     


Earliest mention of:        ?

Annual Festival:                October 1

Sugiyama Shrine  杉山神社

November 20, 2016

Sugiyama Shrine   杉山神社
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