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Tōkyū Tōyoko Line

Tōkyō-to, Ōta-ku, Den-en Chofu 2-10 


出征稲荷 神社

Shussei-Inari Jinja

November 3, 2016

This is a very small shrine tucked away in the corner of a park in a quiet residential area and there is very little public information about it. The only information I have on it, shown to the right, comes from an information board in front of the shrine.

Enshrined Deities:                                    

Inari-Daimyõjin               稲荷大明神             大雄山道了尊

Yushima-tenjin                湯島天神                    


Annual Festivals:       January/May/September


Shussei-Inari Shrine, Tokyo Ota-ku   出征稲荷神社 東京大田区
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