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What follows is largely taken from the shrine's home page.


On September 9, 709, the tutelary deity of the Niukawakami Jinja in Nara, Okami-no-kami (in another reading “Ryūjin” Dragon King), was replicated in a shrine which had just been built and is now known as Ebara Jinja. On June 19, 1247, Gozu-tennō of Kyōtō’s Yasaka Jinja was similarly replicated. From olden times the shrine has been known as the Dragon guardian of Shinagawa and over the centuries has received the support of the Genji, Tokugawa, Uesugi, and other Samurai families. The shrine had been known as Kibune-sha, Tennō-sha, Kifunei Daimyōjin, and Shinagawa Daimyōjin before the current name was decided on in 1875. The name was taken from Ebara-gun, the pre-modern name for the areas now known as Shinagawa, Ōta, Meguro, and Setagaya, and reflects the shrine's historical preeminence in the area. 


Pleasantly situated across a narrow street from the Meguro River, Ebara Jinja is less than ten minutes on foot to the west of Shimbamba station. Along with Shinagawa Jinja it is one of the Tōkai Shichi Fukujin (Tōkai Seven Lucky Gods), the particular kami it enshrines is Ebisu. It is easy to visit both shrines in one outing, but if it were a question of either/or I would plump for Shinagawa. 

The shrine’s main hall dates back to 1844, and its hengaku was inscribed by Prince Saijō Sanetomi.

Enshrined Deities:  


Okami-kami (Ryū-jin)         高龍神 (龍神) 

From Merged Shrines

Amaterasu Ōkami              天照皇大神     

Susano-o-no mikoto          須佐男之神     

Toyōuke-hime-no-mikoto 豊受姫之命     

Tachigarao-no-kami           手力雄之神     

Ōtori-Ōkami                        大鳥大神         

Ebisu-kami                           恵比寿神         

From In-ground Shrines:          

Izanagi-mikoto                    伊邪那岐命                                              

Izanami-mikoto                  伊邪那美命                                                

 Inarikami                        稲荷大神        

Emperor Ōjin                       応神天皇         

Tokugawa Ieyasu                徳川家康公     

Shirayama-hime-mikoto   白山姫命         

Ōkuni-nushi-no-mikoto    大国主命           

Konohanasakuya-mikoto 木花開那姫命 

Ichikishima-hime-mikoto  市杵嶋姫命        

In-ground shrines

八幡宮                  Hachiman-Gū

稲荷神社              Inari Jinja

熊野神社             Kumano Jinja

Earliest mention of:   709    

Annual Festival:          September 9   

Ebara Jinja, Tōkyō, Shinagawa
Ebara Shrine Dragon
Ebara Jinja Dragons
Ebisu 恵比寿

Tōkyō-to, Shinagawa-ku, Kitashinagawa  2-30-28

東京都品川区北品川 2-30-28      


Ebara Jinja

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January 31, 2017

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