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    Fukishiro Inari  Jinja

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Nearest station: Kamiyacho    Line: Hibya Subway:

Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Toranomon 4-1-3      東京都港区虎ノ門4-1-3    October 10, 2021

Sacred Tokyo 40 Shinto Shrines

Enshrined Kami:  


Uka-no-mitama-kami    宇迦之御魂神

Susano-o-no mikoto      須佐之男命

Ōichi-hime                       大市姫



From Merged Shrines

Sata-hiko-Ōkami              佐田彦大神

Ōmiya Ameno-kami         大宮能女神

In-ground Shrines:


​Annual Festival:  April and November

It is not clear exactly when this shrine was founded but the Edo Machikatakiage tells us that in 1691, when the expansion of Edo Castle was forcing Tokugawa daimyo to relocate or rebuild their Tokyo estates,  the townspeople of Fukidecho, what is now Toranomon 4-chome, found a small Inari Sha just outside the official Edo estate of Matsudaira Ukon, younger brother of the eleventh Tokugawa Shogun, Ienari. With Matsudaira’s permission it was declared to be the tutelary shrine of the area. 

It survived the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, and relocated to its present site in December 1928. Even though Minato-ku as a whole was devastated by the Great Tokyo Firebombing of May 25, 1945 the shrine and its immediate surroundings escaped severe damage.

The shrine was completely rebuilt as part of the Tokyo World Gate project. Completed in March 2020 this is  a complete redevelopment of part of the Toranomon area. Kamiyacho Station opens directly into the site.

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Fukishiro Inari Jinja  葺城稲荷神社
Fukishiro Inari Jinja  葺城稲荷神社
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