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Tōkyō-to, Chuo-ku,Ginza 3-8  東京都中央区銀座3-8    May 1, 2023

   Asahi Inari Jinja

Nearest station: Higashiginza  Line: Hibya Subway(H10) 

Sacred Tokyo 40 Shinto Shrines

Enshrined Kami:  


Ukanomitama-Mikoto: 稲倉魂命   


​Annual Festival:   the year's first Day of the Horse

Divine Favours  (御利益 Goriyaku)

This shrine is thought to be very old, but during the Great Ansei Earthquake of 1855 it was flattened and fell into what was then the Sanjiken River. In 1917 Ginza was badly affected by flooding and a spirit body which  appeared from the Sanjiken River  was enshrined there. However, the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1926 again caused much damage, and the shrine fell under the authority of the Ginza 3-chome town council. Filled with awe and fear at what had happened the town’s worshippers moved to have the shrine designated as the guardian deity of the town. At that time though the shrine’s land was incorporated into Tokyo City and fell under its authority. The worshippers asked Tokyo City to return the land but their plea was rejected. However, the city did agree that the residents could use the land and a new shrine was built. As with much else in Tokyo, the shrine was completely destroyed in WWII. Reconstruction was completed by 1952 and along with Religious Organization status the shrine took its current name.

The structure in the photos is the prayer hall, the haiden. The main hall, the honden, is on the roof of the building, and the two are connected by a pipe, allowing worshippers at least spiritual communication. 

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Asahi Inari Jinja 朝日稲荷神社
Asahi Inari Jinja 朝日稲荷神社
Asahi Inari Jinja 朝日稲荷神社
Asahi Inari Jinja 朝日稲荷神社
Asahi Inari Jinja 朝日稲荷神社
Asahi Inari Jinja 朝日稲荷神社
Asahi Inari Jinja 朝日稲荷神社
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