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How Many Shrines in Adachi-ku?

At least 200



Sacred Tokyo 40 Shinto Shrines

Shrines in Adachi-ku described on this site (10)

According to The Association of Shintō Shrines there are 114 shrines registered with it in Adachi-ku (Japanese).   Adding in shrines not registered with the Association, usually, but not always, subordinate/in-ground shrines, I have come up with a number of 200. In the following table the names of the main (host) shrines are in bold characters, the names of the in-ground shrines not. In all cases the addresses of the latter are identical to those of the former. 

Of the total 113 main shrines, 33 (29.2%) are Inari, as are 17 (20.2%)  of the 84 secondary shrines. Thus, of the total 197 shrines in Adachi-ku, 50 (25.4%) are Inari, a little higher than the 23% nationwide figure implied in Kamata’s table. Looking at Hachiman Jinja they account for 10 (8.8%) of the 113 main shrines, 3 (3.6%) of the 84 secondary shrines, 13 (6.6%) of the total.  Hikawa Jinja acount for 20 (17.7%) of the 113 main shrines, reflecting Adachi's proximity to Saitama-ken, the geograhical heartland of the Hikawa Jinja. However, there are no in-ground Hikawa JInja,

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