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How Many Shrines in Nakano-ku? At least 44

October 28, 2018

Number of Shrines in ​​Nakano-ku described on this site (2)

Hikawa Jinja

Shinmei Hikawa Jinja

According to The Association of Shintō Shrines there are 36 shrines registered with it in Nakano-ku (Japanese).   I have come up with a number of 44: the difference stems largely from the number of in-ground shrines which are not registered with the Association. In the following table the names of the main (host) shrines are in bold characters, the names of the in-ground shrines not. In all cases the addresses of the latter are identical to those of the former. 

Of the total 19 main shrines, 5 (26.3%) are Inari, as are 9 (36.0%)  of the 25 secondary shrines. Thus, of the total 44 shrines in Nakano-ku 14 (31.8%) are Inari, much higher the 23% nationwide figure implied in Kamata’s table. There are 3 Hachiman Jinja,  two main, 1 in-ground, in the ward. and six Hikawa Jinja, all main.

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