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Details on the individual Seven Lucky Gods/Shichi fukujin can be found here. Many localities in Japan have groups of seven shrines or temples in each of which one of the seven kami of the shichi fukujin is enshrined. Miyata (Japanese books #26) identifies 119. It is the custom to try to visit each of them in the first few days of the new year. What follows is a list by locality and the seven shrines or temples which make up each circuit. Included so far are, in alphabetical order: 

Asakusa Shichi Fukujin        浅草七福神

Ebara Shichi Fukujin                  荏原七福神

Fukagawa Shichi Fukujin       深川七福神

Minato Shichi Fukujin          港七福神

Nihonbashi Shichi Fukujin   日本橋七福神

Senju Shichi Fukujin           千住七福神

Shinjuku Shichi Fukujin      新宿七福神

Tōkai Shichi Fukujin              東海七福神


Circuits of the Seven Lucky Gods

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