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Farewell "Ex-post facto"

Since the confirmaion of the first Covid-19 virus infection in Japan on January 16, 2020, I have been self-isolating to a greater or lesser extent and have not visited any shrines. To keep my webpage active I have added 27 "ex-post facto" shrine descriptions. These are shrines which I visited before I started my webpage and for which I still have photos. I have now decided to start visiting shrines again so there will be no more "ex-post facto" posts.

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It’s some since I added anything to this blog, time to start again. I have started listing the divine favours (御利益, gorieki) along with the enshrined Kami, in-ground shrines, and festivals. Praying fo

Going to Chichibu today, mainly to visit Mitsumine Jinja, a shrine where wolves are worshipped.

...will be Ne Jinja in Yokohama's Naka-ku. There are two other shrines by this name in Yokohaha, one in Minami-ku, one in Hodogaya-ku. There are very few elsewhere in Japan.

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