The Hōjō Clan  北条氏

February 18, 2018

This page is not intended to be a complete history of the Hōjō Clan, but merely a listing of those clan members who are mentioned on individual shrine pages.

The Hōjō Clan was based in Izu Province. They controlled the office of regent (shikken) to the Kamakura Shōgunate from 1203 to 1333 and this made them effective rulers of the country.

Hōjō Masako   北条政子 (1156-1225)

Eldest daughter of Tokimasa and married to Minamoto Yoritomo

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Hōjō Tokimasa 北条時政 (1138-1215)

Original family name was Taira but he changed it to Hōjō. Was the first Hōjō shikken (regent) of the Kamakura bakufu and head of the Hōjō clan. He was shikken from 1203 until his abdication in 1205.

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Late Hōjō Clan

Not related to the original Hōjō clan. Its founder, Hōjō S ōun, adopted what was by then the illustrious name to improve his own clan's image.

Hōjō Sōun  北條早雲 (1432-1459)

Hōjō Ujiteru  北条 氏照 (1540-1590)

Son of Ujiyasu

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Hōjō Ujitsuna  北条 氏綱 (1487-1541)

Sōun's son. Seized Edo Castle from the Uesugi Clan. In 1537 solidified  Hōjō control of Kantō, followed by Shimoda in 1538 and Awa in 1539.

Hōjō Ujiyasu  北条 氏康 (1515-1571)

Son of Ujitsuna


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