The Fujiwara Clan  藤原氏

March 30, 2018

Note: Unless the family name is different from Fujiwara only given names are shown below.

The Fujiwara Clan is descended from Ameno-koyane-no-mikoto (天児屋命) through the Nakatomi clan and was  founded in 868 by Nakamori Kamatami when the 38th Emperor, Tenji (天智), awarded him the surname "Fujiwara."

Hidesato 藤原秀郷  (dates unknown)

A kuge (court bureaucrat) in the mid-Heian Period. He was renowned for his military expertise and while serving under the 61st Emperor, Suzaku (朱雀), played a key role along with Taira Sadamori in supressing Taira Masakdo's  rebellion, which led to the letter's death in 940.  

Isendo 藤原伊勢人 (759-827)

Tadakata 藤原忠方 (dates of birth and death unknown)

Fourth son of Fujiwara Yoshimi. Served as Chinjufu-shōgun.

Associated with the following shrine(s): Senzoku Hachiman Jinja 

Yasuhira 藤原 泰衡 (1155-1189)

Second son of Fujiwara Hidehira. Fourth and final ruler of the Northern Fujiwara Family which ruled the Tōhoku region for much of the twelfth century. Overthrown and killed by Minamoto Yoritomo in 1189.

Yoshimi 藤原 良相 (813-867)

Uncle to Emperor Montoku.


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