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How Many Shrines in -ku? At least ??


​​According to The Association of Shintō Shrines there are ?? shrines registered with it in ??-ku (Japanese).   I have come up with a number of ??: the difference stems from the large number of secondary in-ground shrines which are not registered with the Association. In the following table the names of the main (host) shrines are in bold characters, the names of the secondary shrines not. In all cases the addresses of the latter are identical to those of the former. 

Of the total ?? main shrines, ?? (??%) are Inari, as are ? (??%)  of the ?? secondary shrines. Thus, of the total ?? shrines in ??-ku ?? (??%) are Inari, much higher the 23% nationwide figure implied in Kamata’s table. Hachiman Jinja?? in the ward.

Links to shrines in the table:

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