Asahi-chō 3-7-14, Nerima-ku, Tōkyō


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出征稲荷 神社

Shussei-Inari Jinja

November 17, 2016

This is one of the 22 Shussei-Inari shrines I have been able to locate in Tokyo's 23 wards. It was first mentioned in a family record dating to February 1804. Its name derives from its location a little to the south of the Kawagoe Kaidō. The lord of Kawagoe was passing by on his way to Edo and he stopped at the shrine and prayed for worldly advancement  (shussei). In due course this word became the name of the shrine. Initially it was nothing more than a small wayside shrine (hokora) and it was only in 1968 that it began to take on its present form. Until that time there had been just the one building in the shrine, but shortly before that the Fukagawa Jinmei-gū in Kōtō-ku had been reconstructed and it donated its old main hall to Shussei Inari.

For me the main point of interest was the splendid pair of komainu dating back to 1918. Usually these take the form of foxes in Inari shrines--and they are present here but quite pedestrian in comparison to the komainu. Until the end of the Second World War these latter stood guard in a small shrine in a nearby childrens' playground before being moved to their current location..

I visited this shrine on a hot and humid summer day around noon and it was abuzz with mosquitoes; it's probably fair to say that the gentleman sitting in front of the main torii was probably not enjoying his bento as much as he would have  done in a less mosquito-friendly environment.

Enshrined Deity:                                    

Uka-no-Mitama       稲倉魂命

In-ground shrine(s):                                      

Ōtori Jinja                  大鳥神社    


Earliest mention of:  1804                         

Annual Festival:          July 15 

Shussei-Inari Jinja in Tōkyō's 23 Wards

出世稲荷                                                 文京区本郷1-33-17

Shussei-Inari                                        Bunkyō-ku, Hongō 1-33-17


出世稲荷                                                 千代田区神田須田町1-13

Shussei-Inari                                        Chiyoda-ku,Kanda, Suda-chō 1-13


岩代出世稲荷                                          中央区日本橋堀留町1-6-11

Shussei-Inari                                        Chūō-ku, Nihonbashi Horidome-chō 1-6-11


笠間出世稲荷                                          中央区日本橋浜町2-11-6

Kasama Shussei-Inari                        Chūō-ku, Nihonbashi Hama-chō 2-11-6


中田出世稲荷                                          板橋区赤塚1-7-9

Nakata Shussei-Inari                         Itabashi-ku, Akatsuka 1-7-9


永代出世稲荷                                          江東区永代2-26-7

Eitai Shussei-Inari                               Kōtō-ku, Eitai 2-26-7


東陽繁出世稲荷                                      江東区東陽5-9-11

Tōyō Shige Shussei-Inari                   Kōtō-ku, Tōyō 5-9-11


出世稲荷                                                 練馬区旭町3-17-4

Shussei-Inari                                        Nerima-ku, Asahi-chō 3-17-4


出世稲荷                                                 大田区田園調布2-10

Shussei-Inari                                        Ōta-ku, Den-en Chofu 2-10


北向出征稲荷神社                                  大田区南馬込4-9-15

Kitamuke Shussei-Inari                     Ōta-ku, Minami-magome 4-9-15


初台出世稲荷                                          渋谷区初台2-18

Hatsudai Shussei-Inari                      Shibuya-ku, Hatsudai 2-18-6


出世稲荷                                                 品川区中延2-8-8

Shussei-Inari                                        Shinagawa-ku, Nakanobu 2-8-8


出世稲荷                                                  新宿区余丁町12-18

Shussei-Inari                                        Shinjuku-ku, Yochō-machi 12-18


元吉出世稲荷                                          台東区日本堤1-5-12

Motoyoshi Shussei Inari                   Taitō-ku, Nihonzutsumi 1-5-12


北池出世稲荷                                          豊島区池袋本町1-36

Kitaike Shussei-Inari                          Toshima-ku, Ikebukuro Honchō 1-36


出世稲荷豊島区                                      北大塚3−5-11

Shussei-Inari                                        Toshima-ku, Kita-Ōtsuka 3-5-11


The following are the names of shrines, and in one case a temple, 

in the grounds of which Shussei-Inari Jinja are located.   


鮫洲八幡神社                                          品川区東大井1-20-10

Samezu Hachiman-jinja                    Shinagawa-ku, Higashi Ōi 1-20-10


西新井大師                                              足立区西新井1-15-1

Nishiarai-daishi (temple)                      Adachi-ku, Nishi-Arai 1-15-1


赤城神社                                                  新宿区赤城元町1-10 

Akagi-jinja                                             Shinjuku-ku, Akagi Motomachi 1-10


市谷亀ヶ岡八幡神社                              新宿区市谷八幡町15

Ichigaya-kameoka-hachiman-gū    Shinjuku-ku, Ichigaya-hachiman-chō  15


熱田神社                                                 台東区今戸2-13-6

Atsuta-jinja                                           Taitō-ku, Imado 2-13-6


代々木八幡宮                                          渋谷区代々木5-1-1

Yoyogi Hachiman-gū                          Shibuya-ku,Yoyogi 5-1-1


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